Hospital Management Software

Introducing Vorx HRM, the ultimate solution for businesses’ HR and payroll needs! Say goodbye to paperwork and inefficiency, and hello to streamlined processes and accurate data management. With Vorx HRM, you can now effortlessly manage employee information, attendance, leaves, and much more, all in one centralized system.

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Pharmacy Management Software

Introducing SyncRx: The ultimate pharmacy management software designed for modern businesses. Streamline your operations with ease, from inventory management to prescription processing. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, SyncRx takes the hassle out of running a pharmacy.

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Plorifica College Management Software (IMS)

Introducing Prolifica: Streamline your college administrative tasks effortlessly with our cutting-edge College information management software. Seamlessly manage student records, track attendance, generate insightful reports, and optimize campus operations with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to efficiency with Prolifica!

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Velotrack Management Software

VeloTrack – the ultimate vehicle management software for seamless fleet operations. Streamline your vehicle maintenance, track fuel consumption, monitor driver behavior, and optimize routes effortlessly. With robust features like real-time vehicle tracking, customizable reports, and intuitive dashboards, VeloTrack revolutionizes your fleet management experience

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